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What's the best way to get rid of pests? Never let them in!

It's a simple truth, but an effective one! By making your home or property less hospitable to the animal in question, we can effectively solve your pest control problems before they even start! We will inspect every area on your property that an animal could be attracted to as a possible entryway. Our years of experience have taught us how to animal proof your home.

Send them on their way!

The key to animal proofing is knowing how animals think. Our years of experience help us locate the entrances that animals could possibly find which may not be obvious to you.


Simple things like chimney caps, vent guards, and screens are just the start. You truly need a professional to make sure you are protected. Our goal is to make an animal think that the path into your home is more trouble than it's worth.



Animal proofing services:

We use professional wildlife techniques - our goal is to prevent these pests from ever getting in!

Remember - if an animal can't get into your home, then it can't cause trouble! Call us today!

 • Vent guards

 • Fan guards

 • Animal proof porches and sunrooms

 • Animal proof decks and sheds

 • Chimney caps

 • Bird screens

 • Bird control

 • Bat proofing

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