Pest Control - Wasps | Bees | Hornets | Ants | Spiders | McHenry County, IL
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It's time to take your home back!

We have the proper materials and equipment to safely remove bees, wasps, hornets and rodents. Our professionals will make sure to only use products safe to you and your family.

Working with you for a safer home

In addition to ridding your home of bees, wasps, and hornets, you can also count on our helpful staff to give you tips and pointers on how to make your home less hospitable to the invading pests.


There is no purpose in removing a hundred insects, when thousands more could be waiting to move in. We can help you make your home a pest-free zone!

Pest control services:

Serving McHenry, Kane, and Lake counties - if pests come knocking, we'll turn them away fast!

Have more of a four-legged pest problem? Don't worry; you can count on us for mouse and rat control, too! Our family owned and operated business is licensed and insured to handle any pests around your home or business.

 • Insect sprays and treatments

 • Wasp control

 • Bee control

 • Hornet control

 • Rodent control

 • Humane honeybee removal


Bee control