Property Repair After Animal Damage - Vent Guards | Animal Deterrents
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Uninvited wild animals can cause damage to your property

Some animals always cause damage when they come onto your property. Our repair and re-construction team will remove all of the disease-causing fecal matter and mess. We will repair all structural and electrical damage. Replacing insulation, repairing soffit vents or roofing and siding is all part of our services. We will work with your insurance company to keep your costs down and restore the property value to your home.

We do the complete job: removal, repair and prevention

Make your life easier by working with one professional and experienced company to handle your animal home invasion from start to finish.

Animal property repair products and services:

Wild animals and pests can cause damage to your property or even spread disease! Call us to keep your home in its best condition.

Don't let animals and pests damage your property!

Call us today! We will bring your home or other property back to its original state.

 • Replacing insulation

 • Chimney caps

 • Soffit repair

 • Trim board repair

 • Roof flashings

 • Deck, porch and shed repair

 • Fecal matter clean up

Damaged wood Destroyed drywalls